By: Karl Bublitz On: May 8, 2024 In: Civita - Mission Valley, New Listing Comments: 0

Our Success Story: Simultaneously Selling & Buying

My client reached out because they were ready to sell their place and upsize into a bigger home. With the market still competitive, this is not always an easy task and can be very stressful for my client. We discussed at length what my client was looking for in a new home and what an ideal offer would be from a buyer for his home. Upon meeting my client to discuss selling their home, we did a full walkthrough of the house. We went room by room, and I made recommendations on what to remove to make the space feel bigger and make them the most money. A few examples of this were removing all personal photos, removing gym equipment from the bedroom, and minimizing countertop electronics and food. In addition, I made recommendations to have the entire place painted to make the space feel bigger and stand out.

Prepping your home accordingly is one of the most important things you can do when selling your home. You ultimately want the buyer to feel at home when they walk into your home. My client agreed to do all of the minor improvements. I helped them get set up with a trusted painter, met the painter, and recommended a color and our ideal plan for his condo. After completion, we had the place professionally photographed and put it on the market.

During the time we were on the market, my client identified their next dream home. I was able to successfully secure the home they really wanted even while having a contingency in place for selling their home. In addition, I was able to negotiate the price down from the asking price. On the flip side, we received multiple offers on my client’s home, and my client went with the strongest offer. I was able to get them a 2-week free rent back to seamlessly move funds from one house to the next while giving them enough time to move out of their old condo to the new single-family home.

I know not all situations are similar, but it is very important to use a trusted agent when buying and selling your home. It can save you a lot of money, time, and unnecessary stress.

“Karl is an amazing realtor. He helped us navigate the most difficult housing market in the U.S. He and his team were very responsive, helping us sell our old home and buy our new one simultaneously with ease. We liked him so much that we’re repeat clients. Don’t hesitate to work with him and his team at Compass!”


And Always Remember, It Matters Who You Work With!

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